Tweetie, was released on April 20 2009, as a new Twitter client.  This new client allows the users, to do everything they have come to love with the other twitter clients, and more.  Here you can respond, RT (re tweet) search for tweets, view your personal messages.  Being released only a couple hours ago, they have not had a changes to work out all the bugs, which i have noticed None of them yet, but am sure there might be a few, like all programs do.  One of the downfalls in this client is when sending a message, i find it more difficult, than with Twitterrific.  Here you have to click a Button, in the bottom left, and type then manually click "post" not "enter".  Overall i love this new program and you can download it from my "Files" tab, or here is the website URL.  A cost of $14.95 to disable Advertisements. 




Listed below are all of the free application that i am currently using as of date published.  Provided below are the names of the application and/or brief discription.  Note there is not order of the applications, just as they are ordered in my Applications folder.


1.  Adium - IM
2.  Armagetron Advanced - Car Game
3.  Atmosphir - Build Your Own Adventure Game
4.  Adwaken (not free)  - Alarm Clock
5.  Blender - 3D software
6.  Camtwist - Add effects to videos/live streaming
7.  ClamXav  - Mac anti-virus (no comment:D)
8.  Colloquy - IRC Client
9.  Evernote - Upload media to the web for storage
10. Firefox-  Internet Browser
11. Flip4Mac - Watch WMV items
12. Flock - Internet Browser
13. Gimp - Low end Photoshop alternative
14. Google Desktop - Search anything on your computer
15. Google Earth - View any place on the earth
16. Google Sketch Up - 3D modeling
17. Handbreak - Rip DVDs
18. iShowu HD Pro - (not free) record desktop
19. iTunes - music/video player
20. Jing Project - Desktop snapshots
21. MainMenu - Speed Up your Mac
22. MSN - Microsoft Messenger IM
23. Oxidizer - Create 1 of a kind wallpapers
24. QuickTime - View pictures and videos
25. Quicksilver - Power users God, open thing without touching mouse
26. Safari - Apple internet browser
27. ScreenFlow - (not free) Screen recorder
28. Skype - Free/not free VOIP (Voice over internet protocol)
29. Twitterific - Twitter updater client


TrueCrypt, is a Free, Yes thats right free encryption program for windows.  This allows you to encrypt files that you may want you to only see, of just some secret information that "Should Not" Be seen.  This program is a small, non CPU intensive program that is easier than pie to use.

Tutorial :
File Download :

Note: Copy and past URl in Browser  Highlight, Control C then Control V

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Here we have a program that is not your normal program.  This amazing little pice of software will allow you to multitask better than ever before with more than one monitor hooked up to you computer.  A lot of people will have more than one monitor hooked up to their computer, but unlike any other software, this will allow you to make your screens extremely personal to your needs.  Two of the features that i feel are the best of this program are the Task bar extender, which will let you extend that task bar to each monitor.  If you have three monitors, and one application in each, when you minimize they will go in the task bar that is corresponding to the window its in.  The other is being able to stretch a window to more than one screen.  You can have a video in Quicktime video stretch across 3 screens to make one big one, without and video quality lost.This program can be purchased at this site : , for a low price cost of $39.95 US.Thanks to Realtime Soft 


      Where to find good tutorials? I did a post about where to find good photoshop tutorials but most of that was only on youtube. So now I am going to talk about a website dedicated to good tutorials. The website name is Good-Tutuorials. The good thing about this site is that about every 45 minutes to an hour they have a new tutorial on their website. It is only for the best tutorials. This website gives tutorials for Photoshop, css, flash, html, Illustrator, Java, Maya, Photography, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and 3D’s Max. Like I said, this is a very nice site that offers a lot of tutorials that are obviously, Good.


Patrick Fassler


      Today I went to my local Apple Store and after I played with the Apple Keyboard I decided to Buy it for about $50. So I just wanted to write a blog post about my thoughts on the new 2009 Apple Slim aluminum Keyboard. First lets just say that I got the keyboard without the numerical pad because they were out of stock but, I don’t really care because this one I got is amazing. So the first thing I though about the keyboard was that it is amazingly thin. I knew that it was thin before but, this is amazing. But after starting to type my first words on the keyboard I knew that it would be the best  that I have ever used. So I will get the full review up soon but like I said, this is just my first thoughts.


Thanks, Patrick Fassler


            There is one thing that bugs me the most about iTunes. The lack of listening to a full song before you purchase it. I don’t know about you but I can’t decide if I like a song just by listening to it for 30 seconds. So where do you go when you want to listen to the full song or, even download it if it isn’t on iTunes? Well the place I go the most is Jamglue. Yes, I know it is a very weird name but, I think that it is the best place to listen/download music all for free. Also with jamglue you can create and upload remixes of songs. 


      Thanks, Patrick Fassler


      Where do you get your Apple news from? Do you subscribe to Magazines? Or do you find it online? I personaly get mine from Mac|Life and Mac Rumors. But, where are the other places to find them. Well, in this blog post, I am going to talk about where you can find a ton of Apple News!

      So the first Place I would go to is, Mac Rumors. Mac Rumors is a very reliable source for most of your Mac,iPod,iPhone or even some other technology news. Mac Rumors also has forums. Which makes it very user friendly. 

      Another good place to get your Apple news is Mac|Life . Mac|Life has a website where you can get your news or you can get their Magazine. I am personally signed up  for the site, and get the magazine in the mail every month. In my opinion Mac|Life is not just news. It also has iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac tips and trick. One month had 25 things ever Mac geek needs to know.

      The last place I am going to talk about is Mac World. I have never ordered Mac World Magazine but, one day I hope to. Mac World is a very clean, and nice magazine and website. They aren’t my favorite but they are still very reliable. I would recommend this website.

Patrick Fassler     ~


Do you watch TV online? Well I sure do. I like to watch it on Hulu. Hulu is a website where you can watch anything from Lost or The Simpsons. Hulu has limited commercials that last from ten seconds to about twenty. But to some people that may be a while but for when there is only about two for a thirty minute episode that, you are watching online, its not that bad. If you are worried about paying for a service that isn’t that good, try Hulu. It is 100% free and Legal. You can watch the episode in High Resolution and in full screen. Also you can lower the Lights to make a nicer effect if you are watching it in the dark I guess. 

Thanks, Patrick Fassler


  About three months ago I got the Logitech VX Revolution for my birthday. I have to say that I love it and don’t think if I did get a Mac I would use the Mighty Mouse.  Here are my reasons. 


      One thing I like about the Logitech VX Revolution is the “Hyper Fast Scrolling”. I love being able to “fly” through huge Microsoft Word Documents/ Pages Documents. Also if I am on a long website such as a site with tons of pictures on it, and I want to scroll to the bottom. All I have to do is scroll one or two times. Now I am not going to be biased because, I do love the Apple Mighty Mouse 360 scroll. But if the Mighty Mouse had this or the VX had the 360 scroll I would use both of them. So to sum this up, I love the scrolling on both of the mouses!


      This time I am going to start out talking about the Might Mouse.  Well, the Mighty Mouse doesn’t really have an arch but it does have a small one. That is another thing that I like about the VX Revolution, its arch. If Apple were to put an arch in the Mighty Mouse, which I doubt that they would, I would once again use both. One reason I like having an arch is the way my hand is shapped. I could use the Mighty Mouse but it would be easier for me just to use the VX. 


      With the Logitech mouses you can download somthing off or get it off the disk that the product comes with. This also works with the keyboards. The program is called Logitech Control Center. If you get it off the website it is still free and works the same. But lets talk about that it does. Well I guess I will list some of the things that it can do. 

Choose what you want the bottons such as: Right Click, Left Click, Zoom, Back/Forward, or scroll 2 on the MX Revolution.
Mouse Movement
Mouse Game Settings
Zoom Settings
MicroGear Precesion Scroll wheel
Mouse Batteries
      Now when it comes to the Mighty Mouse I am not that sure on what all you can do, but I do know that you can turn on the “Right Click”, and I am sure that you can do more than just that but I don’t have a Mac. 


      Well to sum up this post I am just going to say that I like both of them. There are things that I like about the Mighty Mouse, and there are things that I like about the VX Revolution. So now its up to you what to get. 


      Thanks, Patrick Fassler