Handbrake is a Free application that is for both Mac and Pc.  Handbrake allows the user to Rip DVD's to  your computer, with multiple advanced setting for quality and audio.  Although you should not use this program to burn movies that are not yours, because that is illegal, and no one ever dose that (ya right).  A normal file will be around 1-3 GB depending on your video length and quality.  One advantage of the newer version of this program, is that your able to have chapters.  Having chapters allows you to navigate the who dvd, like you would if you were watching it on the t.v.

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Lately there has been rumors going around in Mac|Life and Mac Rumors about something from Apple called the Apple "TriBook". So in this blog post, I'm just going to be going over the future Apple laptop.

At first glance the Apple Tribook isn't as appealing as other MacBooks such as the Air. But once you get used to it the Apple Tribook is an amazing laptop. It is a mere 6.75 inches deep, 10 inches wide and about an inch tall. So as you can tell, this is a very sleek laptop. It easily can fit into any laptop bag. But, while design and portability are both very nice and helpful for people on the go, it's typically archived at the expensive top of the line such as the MacBook Air was when it was released. 

One of the first things that you will notice about the Apple Tribook is that it actually has three monitors built into the laptop itself. When you close the laptop, the neatly fold together and look much like any Mac laptop would look like. When you unfold the laptop (open it), you can use all three screens, kinda like dual monitors but more like triple monitors. So for an example that is used in a picture in MacLife, you could have Safari open on the main screen, iChat/Skype open on the left side monitor, and itunes/quicktime open on the right hand side. 

Speaking of hands, the Apple Tribook's track pad takes up the whole bottom of the laptop. Yeah, you thought that the unibody MacBooks had big trackpads? Well, think again.  MacLife calls this new trackpad design, " With more gesture support than previously imaginable, the extrawide touch pad comes in well, ""handy"." Oh yes, I am sorry, I called it a trackpad, well much like the new MacBooks it is a full touch pad. 

In MacLife magazine they say the following.

Now, we could claim that the triBook is Apple’s much-anticipated entry into the “netbook” market, but using the term netbook doesn’t do the machine justice. Netbooks are teeny, tiny notebooks stuffed with underpowered parts, including the most insubstantial of screens. In other words, they’re imminently portable, but really only good for surfing webpages and typing out email." I have to say, I think that this may be Apple's new NetBook.

So, this is Apple's new laptop, The Apple TriBook...

Source: http://www.maclife.com/article/feature/future_apple_design?page=0%2C1

Patrick Fassler