This is the first blog entry of www.topgearfordgt.weebly.com. Where we talk about Technology including PC Gaming,Apple Inc. and much more. To introduce myself the writer I am Josh also known as applerulz on YouTube I am a big fan of Apple Inc. and have been using Apple products since July 2007 and as you know “Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back.” But lets just not talk about me. Lets get into some tech, Apple has released a brand new iLife 09 with many new features in iPhoto,iMovie,Garageband and iWeb. And one that I myself find very cool is the ability that in Garageband you can learn how to play guitar and piano on your screen 
which is very neat. This blog entry was just a little example and introduction of what is going to be happening here also check out the forums for more awesome Tech Talk!

By: Josh