My Computer Setup

Here you can see my new computer setup.  As of this past weekend i really wanted to make my computer more for me.  So i decided to change around my room to the way that i have been wanting to have for some time.  Starting from the left, is my Acer 22" wide screen monitor 1080p, 20" iMac first generation(Apple Remote) Apple wireless keyboard and mouse, USB cable and a Sandisk all-in-one card reader.  Next is a Dell 17" 2005 monitor that is connected to my 8.9" Acer Aspire One, which is the last thing on my desk to the right.

Single Of The Week

May people buy their music from iTunes.  In fact probly every iPod owner will have downloaded a song or two from the iTunes store in their life.  But what about the other people?  They may be too young to obtain a credit card, or their parents might not like them using it.  Well to make some things a little better for you individuals, iTunes has a "Single Of The WeeK", which is a free download for everyone that week.  54$ worth of free songs a year, ill take it.

iShowU HD Giveaway!!

Recently, i was talking to Neil Clayton of, about doing a possible giveaway for my youtube subscribers.  He told me sure thing Mike.  So yesterday he was extremely kind in giving me a copy of iShowU HD, which is a $29.95 US, program which allows one to record their screen, to make a video tutorial or to show someone how to do something thousands of miles away.  

Once i reach 250 subscribers on youtube, i will be drawing a name at random, and they will win.  If they don't have it, or just don't have a mac then i will re draw.

-Subscribe to my channel
-Mac OS X 10.5 and above for iShowU HD to run
-Visit my site


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